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Take back control of your week and beat procrastination.

Double your output, wake up inspired, learn life-changing skills.


A digital course by Matt Sandrini with special exclusive bonuses from Liz Huber

You tried all possible shortcuts and hacks of “high-performance people”:

  • Wake up at 5am for a week: after a few days, your eyes started closing by lunchtime.
  • Download the latest todo app: it took 4 weeks to set it up and then…someone suggests a different app that will (magically) solve your overwhelm.
  • Calendar everything: you spent an entire day turning your todos into events, and then…everything takes twice as long.

Sticky notes, reminders, even cold showers to energise your morning: you tried it all.

In the end, you find yourself working late evenings, feeling behind on what you “must” get done. You have no choice but to keep ignoring some of the most important areas of your. You feel stuck in a rat race.

It’s not about stamina: you could work forever (and you do), but you can never tell when it’s enough and when it’s time to stop. So you keep putting in more work.

The problem is – so is everyone else.

Look at these online conversations: what do they all have in common?

Notice how all these comments take for granted one thing.

That working on your own project will disrupt the other areas of your life. So no one even tries to make their most important choices support each other. They have given up.

They’re trying to patch up the cracks in the wall, rather than building a brand new palace.

You know what I’m talking about. All those “miracle” hacks, all-nighters, and plans to “go to the gym 3 times a week” give you results for a couple of days, and then leave you tired and disenchanted. Lasting change never seems to happen, and you start to wonder whether there even is a way out.

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Hi, I’m Matt Sandrini, founder of Time Zillionaire.
I show successful entrepreneurs how to own their time and focus on what brings results. Over the past few years, I have helped founders worldwide grow their business and lifestyle, quickly.

Let’s face it: your week is pretty complex, and you have a lot on your plate.
To make things worse, every time you immerse yourself in a task, something else pulls you away from it.

  • A coworker walks up to your desk
  • The accountants send you an email
  • Someone @s you on Twitter
  • A client slacks you “I’ve just sent you an email”. Argh.

Before you even sit down and open your task list, something else has hijacked your day.

You feel reactive all the time. Doing bits here and there, never being able to leverage your strengths and skills. Everything happens last-minute, and present challenges always take over future opportunities.

Personal work, new skills, launching a product…even new clients, have been waiting for a long time.

Not to mention your personal life: you haven’t taken a day away from your laptop in YEARS. Your social life is non-existent (you’ll spend another evening watching trailers on Netflix. Deep inside, you hate yourself for it).

At your desk, you scroll through your Facebook timeline (procrastinating – AGAIN).

Someone is sharing another meme about how you should “hustle harder”. Outwork everyone else. You don't feel “motivated”, you feel enraged: work occupies most of your thoughts – when is it enough?

It feels like there are not enough hours in the day (but deep inside you know: if you had 48 hours, you’d still waste most of them).

I should know: in my first business, I thought I had to do everything myself.
Messy Matt would go to bed late at night–every day. He didn't realise it was costing him the ability to get anything done the next day. Which meant…another all-nighter. And another.
Instead of looking for activities that would give him DISPROPORTIONATE results, Messy Matt would say yes to everything. Get lost in emails, silly tasks, and distractions, all to find himself anxious and…even more behind.

Messy Matt squeezing in a nap to procrastinate on procrastination.

It got so bad, I had to start from scratch. Eventually, I learnt how to align my business and lifestyle. Work on the important, so that they would grow each other, not compete for my resources.

“It’s all a bit too much at the moment”

When did life get so complicated?

You have to take care of 2,000 unimportant things and…never have time to make real progress. Not to mention everyone else seems to be against you: friends, coworkers, clients…all pull you in 10 different directions.

Procrastination, lack of focus, and a lack of priorities don’t help either.

You put in lots of hours but don’t see enough results: you’re constantly behind.

  • You’ve been putting off that killer app idea for months now, and wonder whether you’ll ever actually launch it.
  • You got a reply from a potential client (exciting work!) and…it’s been sitting in your inbox for 9 days now. Argh. No time to grow the business and get better work.
  • That book that would upgrade your core skills has been sitting on your desk for months. It’s now covered in papers and letters to be actioned. You wonder how long you’ll stay relevant for.

There’s so much to do, you end up not accomplishing anything. From tasks to people, learning to communication: there are so many choices and opportunities. It’s paralysing.

The 6 steps to another useless day

🌙The previous evening
“Tomorrow I will get everything done.”

Early morning
Wake up feeling groggy, check your phone.
More distractions and communication are already waiting for you.
You start your day reactive.

You spent most of the time browsing through articles that get you nowhere.
You realise you’re still behind on your work…from yesterday.

You’ve barely started today’s work. So you soldier on.
Tiredness starts to set in.

Frantically work on 20 things at the same time, and end up only one of them done. You wonder what you’re missing, and give up.
Another 5 minutes on YouTube. “I deserve it” you tell yourself.

“I will get everything done tomorrow.”

Sounds familiar?

Every day, you start with good intentions, only to get caught up once again in the 6 steps.

Over time, you start to accept that you will always be behind and stop even trying.

Your todo is a mess, and your list for the day is total wishful thinking. You’re stuck.
Even worse, you’ve accepted to be stuck.

Some of the stories you tell yourself to stay stuck

"There’s only so much I can do in 24 hours"

Let’s be real: you’re not the only one with 24 hours a day. When you try to outwork everyone else and work MORE, you’re playing a game you can’t win. Not only that: they are playing the same game too.

If you’re working hard and not seeing the results you expect, you know the key is not more “hustle”, but being effective. Working on the few right things that maximise the impact of each minute you invest.

"I tried all calendars, apps, and todo lists"

Good. Actually, not so good. When you keep looking for the “perfect” tool to solve your problem, you are doing two things: procrastinating and giving up control.

Procrastinating, because you keep learning new apps, techniques and shortcuts, only to dump them after a week and start from scratch. It’s distracting.
Giving up control, because you rely on an external tool to solve your problems, rather than your own daily choices and actions. It’s disempowering.

That’s why this programme is based on solid principles that will stay with you for a very long time.

"I don’t have time to invest in myself (including this course)"

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

You can keep banging your head against the wall, or you can learn timeless tools and strategies that will make you super-effective. To get more done with your time, from work to learning, to…even a social life (yes, you read that right).

All you have to do is invest a tiny bit of time upfront and then reap the rewards.

"My days vary too much…planning is impossible"

Being effective isn’t about predicting the future (and you won’t be able to download a crystal ball when joining the programme). Being effective isn’t about regimenting everything into a tidy spreadsheet either. Remember, perfectionism is another word for procrastination.

Whatever your day looks like, you can become much more effective, so you can maximise your impact, and then stay more flexible for whatever opportunity comes up in your life.

What happens when you take back control of your time

What would it feel like to end your day with a clear conscience?

You turn off the screen and…work is done. Sure – more tomorrow, but you feel that you’ve made real progress. You look at your list for tomorrow: you know exactly what you want to accomplish, and you know exactly how to.

Long gone are the days of cramming seven days of tasks into one (tiring) day.

You stand up from your chair, put your headphones in, and play an audiobook on your way out. You tried this before, but your mind was never clear enough to be able to focus. This time, your newfound inner peace allows you to make the most of every moment.

You can’t wait to get to the gym after a great day of taking action. Suddenly, you realise you have been training regularly for 4 weeks now. You used to never have time for this.

Looking back on your day, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

In the morning, you made progress on learning a new skill; got back to all important emails (no distractions) and even signed a new exciting business client. Progress is happening across the board.

By focusing on what brings real results, and by being very strategic, you seem to accomplish a lot more in a shorter day. Anxiety and overwhelm have been replaced by a sense of clarity. Even your clients and coworkers seem to be more effective (and depend less on you).

“It’s contagious” you think.

And you know you’re just getting started.

Looking back on when you felt stuck, you realise what a big mindset shift you’ve made happen for yourself. Back then, you kept looking for short-term “hacks” and “shortcuts” to solve the issue for you - it didn’t get you anywhere. Now, you’re in control. You decide what to work on, and that brings you constant daily progress. You no longer have to rely on external tools and “a good day” – you shape your days.

Getting in great shape, learning to draw, building a business that allows me to travel.
Just a fraction of what owning my week has done for me.

I love the quote “We don’t choose our lives. We choose our habits, and our habits choose our life.”

The first time I read it, I didn’t quite understand what it meant.

But over time, I got it. Quick solutions never last. Desperate sprints get you nowhere.

It’s when you shape the little daily decisions that…over time you’ll be able to look back and see massive gains. And the best part? It looks effortless.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in…

Go from ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘effective’.
Design your week to focus on what brings you results. Gain an unfair advantage in your business and personal life.

Own Your Week shows you how to leverage the 4 secret principles of super-effective people. Finally beat procrastination and overwhelm, and focus on ALL areas of your life. With the clarity and structure of a super-effective person, you’ll see extraordinary results in life and business. Every day.

The 4 principles of super-effective people

🧠Confident clarity to work on a few high-impact objectives that create progress, rather than getting lost in many insignificant tasks.

🤝Manage other people so they stop pushing work onto you, and start working for you.

⚡Unshakeable focus to work faster and better on your most important activities.

📆Small daily actions to make consistent progress on the non-urgent, from learning to growing your business.

This is a practical course that will take you on a transformational journey from frazzled to super-effective.

It’s rapid - you can go through the course in 2-4 weeks with a small weekly commitment. No need to add more to your plate.

It’s actionable - quizzes and practical exercises will increase your awareness of how you use your time. So you can take back control over your week.

No contradictory information or quick hacks that only last a week. The principles included in Own Your Week are timeless, and will stay with you forever.

Once you complete the programme, you will be able to:

  • Grow your skills and knowledge to stay at the top of your game (and stop feeling like everyone else is ahead of you)
  • Focus on what brings the results you’re after. Stop spreading yourself thin against tons of “small bets” that never work out
  • Defeat distractions, and harness the focus of a zen master to make real progress on uncomfortable activities that make a real difference
  • Design your week and know exactly how you use your time (and stop feeling like there are not enough hours in the day)
  • Create the freedom to work out in the afternoon or have dinner with friends on a Tuesday (and still have a clear conscience)
  • Prevent procrastination by having a solid plan that takes care of itself (so you can stop creating a “better plan” and finally take action)
  • Handle a bad day with the confidence of an olympian. Know exactly what to let go of, and showing up on what makes a real difference
  • Make serious progress by lunchtime, and feel great about your accomplishments every day
  • Carve out the time to build your new project by managing other people’s expectations
  • Double your number of clients with the power of compound actions (instead of waiting for leads to come in and then…letting them rot in your inbox for days)
  • Have a clear structure to break big, fuzzy tasks (like “create a website” or “write a blog post”) into actionable tasks. Give yourself no excuses to procrastinate
  • A simple way to gain the discipline of a four-star general and make good decisions your default, and take action even when you don’t feel like it

You’ll have lifetime access to the programme (and all future updates).
You can take your time to implement real change, and come back to the lessons at any time to pick up on advanced tips. So you can keep upgrading your time management.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Stop what’s sabotaging your week

  1. Why being busy doesn’t get you results
  2. Clearly identify the activities that should be in your week (and where your time actually goes)
  3. What’s growing your todo list? (and how to work on what really makes a difference)
  4. Important vs urgent: know what to work on (and drop what causes anxiety)
  5. How multitasking is ruining your focus (learn to tap into a state of flow)

Module 2: Taking control of your own time

  1. Why (it feels like) you are working for everyone else, and never on what matters
  2. Take control of your day in five minutes (before everyone else does) — plus, how to plan your entire week in advance.
  3. How to work with clients, teammates, and other people so they do most of the work without relying on you all the time
  4. Handle inboxes and communication like a bowss

Module 3: Designing the perfect week

  1. Leverage artificial deadlines to get everything done faster (plus, know exactly what to do)
  2. The power of batching: get big, recurring tasks done and out of your mind. [advanced]
  3. Use compound action to double your reading, learn a new skill, and double your business in half an hour a day
  4. Map your week to include all those actions and areas you keep ignoring (including yourself) [advanced]

Module 4: How to stick to your schedule

  1. Why small, long-lasting change is more important than bursts (and how to stick to your schedule)
  2. Daily tools to boost your clarity, automate your actions, and give you the focus of a zen master
  3. Planning vs procrastinating: how to take action every day and use external pressure to your favour
  4. How to handle a bad day (and make progress when you don’t feel like it)
  5. Automate positive decisions like a world-class CEO (and reduce temptations and bad decisions that lead you astray)
  6. Recap: how to keep taking action and implement what you’ve learnt.

Workbook, quizzes, and practical exercises

Plus, get access to:

  • quizzes for each module so you can internalise each lesson (and go back when needed)
  • practical exercises to implement powerful strategies into your everyday life
  • the Own Your Week workbook to recap and take action on each lesson

If you’re not ready to take action, this course isn’t for you: press cmd+T and type “netflix” instead. But if you’re fed up with working on things that take you nowhere, then you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the course
Available in days
days after you enroll

Own Your Week is for you if…

  • You feel overwhelmed by todos, tasks, clients, teammates, communication, emails, notifications…and feel like you can never work on what matters.
  • Realise that working hard isn’t getting you the results that you want: there are only so many hours in the day, and working longer days won’t get you anywhere.
  • You are ready to work on the right things, so you can double your business in half the time
  • You wake up in the morning thinking “not another day”, and feels like someone else is running the daily show for you
  • You are finally ready to work on that new product or learn a new skill, but don’t have the time or the energy to make it happen.
  • Have had enough of starting activities with “good intentions”, only to give up after two weeks. Going to the gym, meditating, reading,…even your social life, never seem to stick. Time to upgrade your week across the board.
I started bucketing time every day to handle larger projects and…it's working!

There are less surprises in my schedule, which is a huge stress buster for me. I am freed up, becoming more productive (personally & professionally) and have more time for myself.
Thanks Matt! I gotta go plan my day now :-)

- April, Atlanta 🇺🇸

I am always involved in many different projects, and I finally have a way to take control of my week and make everything work together—not in competition. By having a clear plan, I no longer feel like I have to skip an important action, and I always have the time to take action.

Seeing your own plan generate results every week is a source of true satisfaction.

- Marcin, Warsaw 🇵🇱


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to go through the course?
The course includes 4 modules with 19 total lessons to take you from frazzled and overwhelmed, to calm and accomplished. To make sure you action every exercise and implement real change in your life, you should go through the programme over 4 weeks. However, nothing stops you from going at a faster or slower pace. You have lifetime access to all course material and future updates. Make sure you take the time and effort to put in place real change that will reshape your life. Without action, knowledge can never turn into wisdom.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Try the course, and if you are unhappy, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
I don’t want yet another thing to add to my todo list.
Neither do I. Own Your Week is made for you to simplify what you do, so you can accomplish more and maximise the impact of your time. That’s why this programme is structured with short, highly-actionable lessons. Complementary workbooks, quizzes, and exercises have designed to get you results fast. Get started today, and see your todo list shrink and your accomplishments grow.
I can’t afford this right now.
At less than $2/day, you can’t afford not to join. This course is made to double your effectiveness, and make sure you create more value with your time, in life and at work. Let’s take the average $80k a year US salary. One extra hour of results a day could mean an extra $10k of value a year. And if you allocate that time to learning new skills and mastering your mindset, that could upgrade your earnings per hour too. Who knows how much you might be able to gain then. Or you can save $2 a day (and spend it on another coffee you will chug down while staring at your phone).
How will I get my bonus coaching session with Liz?
Liz will contact you via email after you sign-up to schedule your session. The session is 60 min and will happen over Video Call when you have completed at least 2 modules of the course.

Try Own Your Week today, totally risk-free.

Join today and benefit from Time Zillionaire’s guarantee: if you go through the course and decide it’s not for you, you have 30 days to ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

There’s no risk to join the course: you’ll either get life-changing results that will stay with you for a long time, or you get all your money back. All you have to do is send our team an email within 30 days from joining. That’s how much I believe in the programme.

Now you really have no excuse to start making serious change happen and start owning your week, one day at a time.

On the other hand, what’s the hidden cost of not joining today?

Tomorrow, you’ll waste another day. A year from now, you’ll have the same problems and the same results you have today. Looking at your friends and your inspiration on YouTube, you’ll keep feeling behind. Oh, and you’ll be a year older.

You have a choice today. You can keep nurturing bad habits that hold you back, or you can adopt a new mindset, and see progress every day.
The former is easier today: do nothing. But the real cost will show up every time you look back and feel stuck. How will you feel then?

Get started now!


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